Essential Oils and Their Benefits

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

Essential Oils are natures purest essence of the botanical they are pulled from. The oil is extracted primarily through steam distillation or cold pressing. They are called the “life-force” of the plant. They help the plant to regulate itself and and add health and overall wellness.

In serving plant functions, essential oils perform many duties. They regulate growth, like hormones. They help in plant metabolism, like enzymes. They also provide the basis for the plants immune system warding off undesirable viruses, bacteria, microbes, fungi, parasites, and insects. Because the molecular structure of a plant is very nearly the same as that of the human body, our bodies easily recognize the essential oils and they will be able to perform the same duties in our bodies as they did in the plant. It can help us metabolize our vitamins and minerals from our food, give support to all our body systems and give support to our immune system.

The molecules of the oils are very tiny. In a single drop of oil there are about 40 million trillion molecules! Considering this you can see why we only need a drop or two to do the job. Because of their infinitesimal size the oils are easily absorbed into our bodies through our skin. This also gives them the ability to pass through the blood- brain barrier.

Essential oils are also the world's most powerful antioxidants that can gobble up free radicals in our bodies.

These wonderful oils, extracted from the plants have no adverse side effects. They come from God's creation, which is perfect! We can never improve on anything God has made.

However as a caution,you must always make sure you are using pure, therapeutic grade essential oils. Cheap oils are diluted with toxic fillers, that are harmful to the body.

Ways to use oils:

Topically: Dilute them 50/50 with a carrier oil such as coconut, jojobo, almond, or other fatty oil of your choice. The bottom of the feet is a good place to put the oils as the pores there are larger than anywhere else in you body. You may also put them on location.

Inhale: Putting the oils in a diffuser is also a great way to get the oils in your body. Breathing in the oils will get those tiny molecules into your lungs. Because essential oils are oxygenated, your lungs will absorb them along with the oxygen and send them out into your blood stream.

Essential oil safety: Never put oils in your eyes or ears, you may put them around the ear and in the outer opening, but never drop them down in the ear. They are very potent and may cause pain and damage if dropped directly in the ear. If an oil ever becomes uncomfortable on your skin simply put on a little fatty oil like olive oil or coconut oil. This will slow the absorption down and take away this discomfort. Do not try to wash the oils off with water as this will only speed up the absorption and make the discomfort worse. Always consult with your health care provider before starting any regimen with oils. Make sure you educate yourself on using oils before you start to use them.

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