Raindrop Testimony

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

On a Thursday afternoon I got a text from my son saying one of his employees had been off work for three days because he was sick. As all my children do, he ask what oils would be good to support him and aid in restoration to health. He also said this young man had gone to the Dr that day and had blood work done, but no results yet. I of course did not know what was causing all these problems. But a raindrop would certainly give his body  the support it needed to promote balance and wholeness of health once again. . The young man was willing to try the raindrop, so I loaded up my massage table and oils and went to his house yet that night to give him a raindrop.

I gave the raindrop along with a prayer. On Friday his wife told me he was feeling much better, but not top notch yet. Each day over the weekend he improved and by Monday was back to work. The next Friday they received a letter from the Drs office saying he needed to call as his bloodwork was abnormal. When he called in they told him he had West Nile Virus. He was not to work, and was to go in for more bloodwork. His response was, I am fine and have been back to work for a week! Oils of Oregano and Thyme, which we use in raindrop are high in phenylpropanoids which create a hostile environment for viruses.

May God be praised for giving us the gift of Essential Oils!

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